Dr Robert Hardy started the practice in January 1959, as a branch practice of the Blockhouse Bay Medical Centre
cottage was transported onto the section at 70 Godley Rd from the Auckland Harbour Bridge construction site, where it had previously been used as the contractor's accomodation.
The hours initially were Tuesday and Thursday, with full 24 hr cover, and every second weekend.
Drs Max Pearl and Harold Collinson, from Blockhouse Bay, would cover sessions
The inaugural staff member was "Daisy" Bell, ex Public Health Nurse
The fees were 7s 6p (75 cents)
Later, the staff numbers were bolstered with the addition of Iris Caltaux (reception) and Keitha Petley (nurse)
Dr Morag Hardy first worked at the the practice in 1972 when Dr Bob was away at his mother's funeral in Invercargill. She developed a more permanent presence in 1975, having previously been a Paediatrician in research, and bringing to General Practice an expertise gained in her specialist training.
Green Bay built up rapidly with Neil Housing subdivisions. As the population grew, other services arrived, with the Primary School opening in 1960, and the High School in 1973.
The new building opened in 1977, Neville Rykers being the draughtsman/builder.
The practice became independent in 1982.
Dr Bob passed in 2017

Dr John Hilton arrived in 1976, and with his interest in Obstetrics, and home birthing in particular, as well as an informed penchant for "alternative" medicine, the practice quickly developed a much larger patient base.

Sadly, John Hilton died October 15th, 1994. The huge turn out at his funeral attested to his immense personal following, and to the esteem in which he was held.
History of Green Bay Medical Centre