Dr John McAllister's retirement

It is with heavy hearts that we announce Dr John McAllister's retirement from medical practice at the end of March 2021.

John has been a doctor at GBMC for 39 odd years and he richly deserves to take things a little easier ( if that is possible for you, John!) and spend more time with Judy, his lovely and supportive wife of 50 years.

We hope you will be enjoying the hobbies we know you love - reading, listening to music, having time with your children and grand children and visiting the few places in New Zealand you and Judy have not visited before ( if there are any such places left).

We can envisage you exploring the culinary delights available in different parts of our country you both are so fond of!

Your presence will be felt in GBMC for a long time to come and your expertise in many fields sorely missed

"Dear Friends

I am sending this message to bring you up to date with a change in my role here at Green Bay Medical Centre. After nearly 40 years it is time to spend less time working and more time tending to our garden, regaining fitness, and starting the task of reading as many of the unread books in our house as I can in the years left to me. I also need to restore the “muscle memory” in my fingers to be able to play the guitar again !"

John McAllister


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