Healthy Weight Clinic

Sick of fighting the battle of the bulge alone ?

Want a healthy weight but don’t know how to get there?

Not sure if you should go paleo, give up sugar, snack or not to snack, high fat low carb, or high carb low fat, Jenny Craigs, Weight Watchers, or intermittent fasting, or vegan/vegetarian?

Feel you have tried it all and nothing works?

Then come along to the Healthy Weight Clinic, or the new option, the Healthy Weight Express -perfect for those who struggle to get to appointments in the practice.
Going for over a year, those who have completed the 12 week programme have lost at least 10% of their body weight plus reductions in LDL cholesterol (the bad guys) and HbA1c (a diabetes marker).

Under medical supervision a meal plan is tailored for you individually, as is your exercise program.

"The Healthy Weight Clinic has allowed me to finally achieve what I have spent the last 12 years trying to achieve - a healthy weight and feeling happy with my body. I have lost 18 kilos since I began visiting the clinic 11 months ago. I achieved this largely through diet; reducing refined sugar and carbohydrates from my meals, but also through increased exercise and tackling the mental barriers that had previously stopped me from reaching my goal. The guidance of Tracy and Cushla through this process was amazing. They supported me to make the necessary changes in my life, which were difficult at first, but became easier as the weeks went by. My weight-loss journey was not without it's struggles, but Tracy and Cushla encouraged me through these hurdles and provided the accountability I needed to keep going. The process was challenging, but totally worth it. I live a better life and can give more to family now that I'm healthier and happier."


The clinic is designed to approach, achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet, lifestyle and exercise and if indicated, medication and/or surgery.  An individual holistic approach is used in this three month programme.  The individual must be motivated to lose weight, must be prepared to visit us weekly to monitor progress for the next three months and must have a body mass index of 30 or over.  To calculate your body mass index, it is weight over your height in metres squared.  Any problems calculating that, please email us back with your height and weight and we can calculate it for you.  

Prior to the first assessment, participants are required to keep a seven day diary of all they eat and drink, a seven day diary of all exercise, including housework and do a blood test which is non-fasting.  If you decide to attend we will email you the relevant forms, and leave a lab form at reception to collect.

The initial assessment is 30 minutes on Tuesday afternoon between 1.30 and 3.00pm.  Individual practical advice on diet and exercise, plus a referral to a Green Prescription, if needed will be offered with comprehensive up to date information on weight loss, news letters and recipes by food writer Mark McDonough. Monitoring will be 1-2 weeks, depending on needs and this will be done with Tracy, our practice nurse, and then a monthly review with Dr Cushla Borthwick.  At the end of three months, depending on needs, a maintenance programme can be designed.  


Visits to the doctor: the first visit will cost $19.50 and monthly visits with Dr Cushla Borthwick will be $19.50.

Visits for monitoring and progress with our nurse, Tracy Steuart, will be $15.00  


Similar to the above programme you need a BMI above 30, but it involves only 2 visits to the practice with still careful monitoring and support, plus blood tests prior to and after completion of the programme.

With this program payment is up front to help motivate you to complete the course-$195 for the entire 12 week program.

This includes a 45 minute initial visit at the practice where we review your 1 week diet history then weekly emails to check food diaries, answer questions, and send weekly emails with news letters and recipes. You need to have access to scales to send in your weekly weight.

This is perfect for busy workers who can't get in to the practice for weekly appointments but who are motivated to change. After a final visit with Dr Cushla and a review of a final blood test, a plan of where to from now is created - for what works for you. That could be a maintenance program or re enrol ? Whatever works for you. So take that first step and email Tracy to enrol in either the Healthy Weight Clinic or Healthy Weight Express.


If this is of interest to you, please email us on and Tracy will contact you with the information.

Cushla Borthwick and Tracy Steuart